Kindness Rocks!

My partner is an avid fisher woman and wanted to catch some shrimp. So we went to a little town we’d never heard if that was called a hidden fishing town (more on that in another post).

We saw a painted rock at this random aquarium in a small building. It said “faith” so I figured someone put it there for a reason, for others to see, so I left it there. Then we went to the “public fishing pier” which was basically in the back of someone’s yard. Anyway, here I found ANOTHER rock that had something written on it (rotten sands) I have no idea what that means but I got to thinking this can’t be a coincidence, this has to be a thing. So I looked it up. And I was right!

So one day we went “rock hunting” at a near by arboretum, and found the beauties you see in the photo. This is such an awesome thing and I can’t wait to paint my own!




Why I Haven’t Written in Awhile. Part 2

So I substituted at a charter school for the year. I love it. I hated it. Some days I left smiling wondering if I should become a teacher and some days I left wondering why I wanted to work with kids in the first place. The school I worked at was not the best at organization or teacher friendliness but it was a job. And an experience. So the school year is over, now what. Apply apply apply. For anything that has anything to do with kids. Saw a very simple ad, looking for camp instructors for the summer, with a salary range. Why not, I applied for it and what do you know I got a call for an interview!

Now I’ll make an even longer story short but I went on the interview and this job sounded like everything I wanted with multiple opportunities. My passion has always been mentoring children and finding a job that doesn’t require an extra degree is hard to find. I would be able to teach and mentor my own class for the summer. I was told of great perks and availability for more permanent positions within the company. Boy was I wrong. It was the most unorganized underappreciated operation I’d ever come across. It became a successful disaster but nothing like the glorious opportunity I had envisioned.

So the summer is over, now what. A coworker encouaged me to start the process of getting a temporary teaching certificate. Become a teacher. Do I want that? Be a teacher without your own class but the teacher that goes in and helps various students in multiple classes. After a “you’re not eligible” letter with a long list of extra classes I could take to become eligible. More work. More money. More school. I’m not in it enough to go through this. It’s not what I want.

But what do I want?

Not having a job for over a month now and depression is full force. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to complete the many needed house chores. So I let it take over then put my big girl panties on and started the surprisingly lengthy process of applying for a substitute position with the county. (Subbed at a Charter school for a whole school year and the process is completely different). It took a whole day to complete the application and online learning modules.

My appointment is on Tuesday. I will have a job. I will enjoy it most of the time. It’s better pay and provides benefits as opposed to my previous positions. But it’s not a career.

Where do I go from here? I’m afraid of getting comfortable and never obtaining a career I’m truly passionate about.



Why I haven’t written in awhile. Part 1

Hey guys.

I’ve been stuck in a rut. I’m sure many of you out there have gone through the “what do I want to do with my life” phase and maybe still are but this is weighing heavy on me.

You see, I graduated from law school but not before realizing I didn’t want to be a lawyer. My passion has always been with children and I’ve always had an interest in law. So the idea of being a family lawyer or working with the Department of Children and Families sounded perfect. The problem is you don’t do any internships or on the job anything until you’re at least half way through. I got an internship and hated everything about it. I didn’t want to draft petitions about bad parents I wanted to help the kids going through having bad parents. I wanted to work hands on with kids. So I became a substitute teacher with a JD and an unsure future.

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RV Makeover Side Note.

I have time now to finally get this RV together. It’s been cleaned up, reorganized, some things we added since we bought it but it’s continued to stay cluttered and unput together. I’d almost forgotten about my sidekick Pinterest and now I can’t wait to try some new touches. 

I might try this first http://pinterest.com/pin/57069120261889329/?source_app=android. After I declutter and minimize again of course.

This lifestyle is learned and we’re still in the process.


Horseshoe Beach – The Drive

My partner and I are going with my brother to meet up with our family and family friends for thier annual scalloping trip. It’s all our first times. 

My brother is driving and we’re listening to Christian rap. Which I like but I’m getting bored with 45 minutes left of our 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Jacksonville to Horseshoe Beach. We’ve rented a house and will be checking in then hoping on the boat to try this scalloping thing!

What’s your road trip go to? I like listening to comedy or having good conversation to make the time pass quicker. None if that going on here lol. Will update after our boat trip!